Monday, May 18, 2009

Forced Masturbation phone sex

Felicity here, your naughty babe from across the pond. I’ve had some phone sexof THE hottest calls working here! I absolutely adore listening to your tantalizing fantasies, as you get me so hot I have to play with my wet lil’ cunny. So lovers, I’ve got a fantasy for you? Can you make it happen?? I’m feeling quite Dominant, and I want to be the Boss tonight! As I order you to strip and kneel for me, I want to hear you say “Yes Miss Felicity”… Perhaps I’ll have you play with My panties, Maybe if you’re good.. I’ll have you suck on a Big Black Cock, I just might make you worship my boots.. but mostly I want to make you wank!!! That’s right boytoy, you touch your cock for Me when I tell you to. I want you to be My little forced masturbation phone sex wanker, as this naughty brit rubs ‘er clit…. Are you on ready for me baby? You know what to do!! 888 662 6482
Ask for Felicity
Bye Luvers!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God I love College~!

Oy Oy!! I'ts Fee!!
OMG I heard the hottest hit on the radio the other day, called "I love college"
It's quite a catchy tune, and it describes me to a T I must admit!! I wonder if
they were thinking of me when they wrote "that party last night was completely crazy, I had this one chick totally naked"
Ummm.. Confession time!! I went to a party this past weekend, and got a bit.. tipsy.. Here the boys seem to party from Thursday ( here it's called Thirsty thirsday) til' monday morning!! Oh it's right fabulous! Lemme tell you, I love it.
I totally had a shag!!! It was pretty fun, I let him put it in my cunny AND my bum! I've never done a big black cock before, but WOW was it big. I thought my poor pussy lips were going to split from the thick shaft! And when he put it in my bum!! Ohhh god it hurt sooo good. He plays Basketball, and after the game I met him in the locker room.he took me to this party.. ( I had girlie drinks!!!) ...I could type all day about how his cock pulsated inside my tight lil' pussy, or how I begged him to hurt me with it... but, I'm sure you'd rather give me a call for the details, and the hottest phone sex you've ever had!
1-888 MOAN 4 U 2

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Blog Ever!!!!

Oh wow... I'm so excited, I just started a new job, I just (finally) figured out more about blogging... it's been a pretty eventful day.
HI to all the readers of this blog!!!!
I should probably introduce myself. My name is Felicity D, Miss Fee if you're nasty............. ( LOL, Love Janet Jackson, I couldn't resist!!!!) And I'm from London originally!
I moved here from the other side of the pond almost 2 years ago for an exchange program and loved it so much I never left!! I absolutely love to write, and keep like... 3 full of steamy submissive sex encounters! My college professor suggested I get with the times and start a blog for Comp class.. So I took her advice, and started this blog. I hope this is what she has in mind.
I absolutely love it over here, and have had so much fun since I've made my stay a permanent one here in the US.
Boy OH boy do I have some great stories to tell you! Stuff about my host family brothers ( there were 2, Kyle and Tyler.. and YES, we did fool around) and my teachers here.. back home I had to wear a uni ( uniform) every single day. I LOVE American culture! I feel sooo free here, and so ... just I can't even describe it. Anywayz gents and ladies, I can't wait to start talking to all of you, and stay posted to my blog because I have SO much to tell you about all my American Adventures!! Call me now for steamy phone sex, I've got soo much to share!
thenaughtybrit AIM/YIM
1-888-MOAN 4U2